Yes! We can collect all necessary documents and prepare the file. We cannot, however, start the legal process until you finish your vacation or you cancel it and move your week/points to your exchange company.
Yes! We have helped thousands of individuals and families who still owed money not only walk away from their timeshare, but also walk away debt free. If you are overwhelmed with your current monthly timeshare payments, let us know.
No, our service does not hurt your credit rating. This is a 100% safe and legal way to walk away from your timeshare without damaging your credit score.
Compared to a lifetime of increasing fees, no! Our cost is much less than hiring lawyers to find a breach of contract clause. We do charge more than "sell your timeshare" sites—but we charge more because we DO more, we actually transfer!
Yes. We cannot request transfers on properties that are not current or up to date on ALL payments, including monthly maintenance fees. We will require a current account status to begin the transfer process.
Yes. We will need a signed document from all owners listed on the contract. Beneficiaries do not need to sign anything. In cases of divorce, the decree showing who was awarded the property can be used.
No. We are not attempting to sell your property. We are legally returning it to the developer and allowing you to walk away. Very few timeshares actually sell on the secondary market, and those that do normally receive less than $500.
No. Our office handles everything. You will not receive phone calls or letters from your company. The timeshare company speaks directly to us and we let you know what is happening throughout the process. TTG Consulting’s services typically take 30-120 days. Legal confirmation generally takes 30-210 days. Every client of ours is in a unique situation so timing is varied.
Every timeshare is different and there are many factors involved. The average timeline from start to finish of our process ranges from 3 - 6 months.
Not a problem! We can prevent you from paying any of the money that is currently owed to your timeshare including maintenance fees and debts.
In the majority of cases it will not affect your credit. In the case that this could affect your credit you will be made away before we accept payment and proceed with the process.
No, we cannot get any type of refund for money that has been previously paid to your timeshare. Any company that promises that this is a possibility should raise a red flag immediately. We prevent you from paying any further debts or fees associated with the property moving forward but cannot recoup your initial investment.
Not a problem! We offer everyone a free consultation over the phone or via email to give you some information about all of your options. Contacting us may not result in us getting your business but we are always happy to inform you about the industry and its changes and provide you with some useful information or tips regarding your timeshare.
The process will always start with us speaking with you directly to ask for some information to get to know your situation better. Click “Here” to get started and send us an email to schedule a time to give you a free consultation.
The cost of the service is dependent on your contract and your situation. Contact us “here” by email and we can get some information and provide you with an exact quote tailored to your timeshare.
Our service has had a 100% success rate over the last 5 years of business. If you decide you want out of your timeshare and for any reason we are unable to provide you with the service we will refund your payment to us in full, guaranteed.
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