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Our History .

After more than two decades in the industry of timeshare, vacation club and private residence club memberships, the owners of TST Consulting realized that the needs of our clients frequently changed.

Whether it was escalating maintenance fees, a change of pace in their vacation lifestyle or simply the lack of customization in travel, the options to make changes were limited.

We created a safe, legal, guaranteed product for people to get their freedom and flexibility back. Making sure their liability is not endowed to their heirs and that their money stays where it needs to be; in their pocket.

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Who We Are .

The owners are a group of individuals with over 8 years combined experience within the industry. We want to help the people who feel trapped and constricted by their timeshare get their freedom back.

Our Transfer Specialists are also a highly qualified team of timeshare industry experts, with the contacts and know-how to get things done quickly, safely and permanently on your behalf. Our transfer specialists are located in the USA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic and can handle any global timeshares.


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